Sea Moya - Falmenta (Red Vinyl)
Sea Moya - Falmenta (Red Vinyl)

Sea Moya - Falmenta (Red Vinyl)

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Following the astounding reception of their first two EPs, German psychedelic electronica trio Sea Moya are pleased to announce their expansive debut album ‘Falmenta’.

Side A
01. The Long Run
02. New Past
03. Common Sense Little
04. Blown (feat. Thanya Iyer)
05. LITE.
06. Palmy Clouds

Side B
07. Higher Grounds
08. Purple Days
09. Vineland
10. Flourish
11. Groove Little
12. Victoria

“fuses together the pysch-pop elements of Tame Impala and the pulsating rhythm found in Jungle's early singles to form an ejaculation of afro-psych pleasure” - Noisey

“The German trio specialise in swirling, hazy electronic funk, and are equal parts krautrock and psych” – The Guardian